Tracey McMahon

I spend my days recognising beauty in others and guiding them to discover it for themselves. I love watching people come home to who they are and realise everything they’re seeking is within.

I’m an intuitive hairdresser and healer, mentor, guide and educator, my experience is nearly 50 years of a colourful Life.

I’m not afraid of the dark and love to work with the shadow side of people’s  personalities by shining a Light into the dark that people hide away from and are fearful to face. I offer a safe space to sit in the shadows  free from judgement but full of Love.

I’m a Platinum Leader with Doterra and I’m madly passionate about the Essential Oils, the Company and my Tree of Life Tribe. I go anywhere and everywhere to educate and support people using the Oils in conjunction with all that I do.

I strive to be a good person, practice spiritualism, love crystals, Hogwarts, bourbon, swearing, martial arts, women’s circles, meditation, believe in magic & unicorns and I’m obsessed with my husband and my four legged son Koda.

I’m real, I talk my truth, I haven’t mastered food or my physical body yet but heh, I’m a work in progress.


Posted on

November 16, 2020

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