Julia & Gerald


Julia is a Health and Transformation coach, Quantum Healer and Quantum Flow practitioner.

Her mission is to help others to come back into a natural state of freedom and flow so they can live a healthy, joyful life with ease, love, purpose, pleasure, passion and fun. Her passion and gift is to help others to create a deeper and more loving relationship with their body and soul and to find more peace love, harmony, ease and flow in their lives.

She is a gifted teacher using different embodiment practices breath work, yoga, dance, and energy work to take you on a playful journey to inner mastery and transformation so you can access your full potential, learn to trust your inner guidance and find true purpose and meaning.

Julia has been on her own personal journey of spiritual awakening as well as guiding others on their journey for over 20 years and truly embodies her teachings and activations. Her teachings are generally light hearted, deep, intuitive playful and potent.

A deep love for music and her own journey of transmuting her limiting beliefs around using her voice has inspired her to co-create this fusion of music and embodiment to help others to find joy and confidence in expressing themselves through their voice.

Gerald is a gifted and successful filmmaker, musician, singer and songwriter.

Growing up in a small suburban town in Australia, Gerald Rascionato always had big dreams of being a Hollywood movie director. After completing film college In 2011, Gerald worked for Ambience Entertainment at Fox Studios, Sydney as an editor and 2nd assistant director on their Television productions ‘Pyramid”, “Kitchen Whiz” and “Magical tales”.

In 2013 Gerald started his own production company JUST ONE MORE PRODUCTIONS and began work on his dream of making a feature film. He wrote, directed and produced his debut feature “CAGE DIVE”.The film was released around the world both theatrically and digitally in 2017.

He taught himself to play music by ear and as the living proof that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and follow your dreams, he is the perfect co-facilitator for Time to Shine to bring the best of music and embodiment together.

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