Vibrational Healing Arts

Experience deep restoration and be lovingly supported on your inner journey of connecting to your authentic Self essence, purpose, and inner guidance.

Our sessions are held in a safe and sacred space, enhancing well-being, clarity, and alignment by integrating energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Stellar Quantum Healing, Akashic Records, Regression, Astrology, Shamanic practices, Galactic and Starseed Activations, Crystal Dreaming, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, along with a nurturing healing touch and Sound Healing.

Pachi is passionate about nurturing people to find their way back to their centre to enjoy a balanced healthy joyous life. Since outgrowing the Sydney corporate lifestyle over 8 years ago, she has been on a continuous journey of self-discovery, expansion, reconnection with self & nature, healing, learning and self-mastery.

Having studied many amazing modalities such as Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork, TCM, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, Reiki, Stellar Quantum Healing, Access Bars, Ignite your Spirit Energy Healing, Crystal Dreaming, Astrology, Channelling, Red Lodge Shamanic Studies and Sound Healing, she is continuously deepening her intuition, inner wisdom, galactic connections and shamanic practices.

In her sessions, she draws on her Higher Selfs guidance, a combination of the above tools and others, her focussed intention and joyous caring nature to support you on your healing needs and desires.

Ami, originally from Argentina and with a scientific background, she defines herself as a lover of nature. Nature reconnects her with the innocent curiosity that guides her continuous journey of learning and remembering.

This journey led her to embrace her vulnerability and service: with a deep passion for walking alongside individuals and groups, supporting and assisting along their processes of transformation and growth.

Her sessions are a result and integration of her personal path: In the past, she dedicated herself to the work and studies in biochemistry. Now, she combines this knowledge of the physical body, physiology, genetics, with Reiki, Pranic Healing, Arcturian Healing, Stellar Quantum Healing, Akashic Records, Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ontological Coaching, Floral therapy, healing with crystals, plants, and symbols, among other tools.

Please come by their stand for some healing energies, high vibe sounds or simply to say hiya & share a hug, they’re quite fond of hugs 🙂

Infinite love & blessings on your journey,

Pachi & Ami


To find them and explore more about their offerings:
Pachi facebook/pachihealingarts or highestjoy@yahoo.com
Ami Instagram @amandayawny or www.amandayawny.com 

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