Aida Jasmine

Aida Jasmine is a Magick weaver, Witch, Spiritual Guide & Mentor and Divine Feminine embodiment coach who empowers women around the world to unleash their fullest potential.

Aida is a spiritual activator and loves to ignite people to uncover their dharma, unique soul expression, and live with purpose whilst experiencing life on Mumma Earth. She is a generational spirit and psychic medium and healer, and has spent the greater part of her life harnessing her skills to be of service to others. Living this truth is what lead her to unravel the mysteries of the divine and unlock codes for living abundantly on this Earth. She runs a Mystery School, sharing this wisdom with others to unlock their true potential and create heaven on earth.

Aida weaves all her magick into her work. Her purpose is to remind you of your innate power, wisdom and the powerful infinite being that you are. You will feel her gentle strength and power and leave her presence feeling seen, heard, safe and expanded.

All of you is welcome in Aida’s temple and mystery school. To connect with her visit, www.soulfinity.com.au

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