Zhara J. Mahlstedt

In early 2020, Zhara J. Mahlstedt experienced an instantaneous remembrance of her soul lineage. She recalled the original ‘fall of man’, the key to overcoming obstacles on the Earth plane, and the sounds of creation – the original harmonics of the Universe. This particular light language reactivates the original Source coding within the DNA, clears false imprints from the human design and opens portals for timeline shifts.

Throughout her lifetime, Zhara has been trained by her spirit team for this pivotal moment in Earth’s history when we, as a species, step forward into galactic reality. She has navigated the various planes of existence to gain a deep understanding of the challenges that this planet and species face.

When Zhara speaks, she frames life on Earth from a perspective that enables us to remember our individualized aspects are part of the same Source. She helps people see beyond the divisions that exist within society and within their own hearts, so that they may reunite with the love that they are.

Her intuitive, uplifting, and transformative talks include light language, channelled guidance, and Q&A sessions. Her content is largely spontaneous and evolves authentically as she tunes into the needs of the audience.

Zhara is the author of The Heart’s Portal: Beyond Great Divide, Into New Earth, the founder of LifeFX Living Water and offers a variety of evolutionary tools on her platforms. She is dedicated to the restoration of the original blueprint for Earth and mankind.

Visit with Zhara at the LifeFX Living Water Droplets booth (#17) during the festival or join her talk “Activating the Heart’s Portal and Your Innate Gifts” on Friday, 12:45 – 2 pm Backstage. 

zharajmahlstedt.com Youtube, Facebook, Instagram: @zharajmahlstedt

lifefxlivingwater.com Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok: @lifefxlivingwater  

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