Sally Newton

As a seeker of mysticism and the esoteric for the past forty years, Sally’s own spiritual evolution and reconnection to the sacred teachings of alchemy & light within the Divine Feminine principle has led to a deep devotion to be of service to support global consciousness in self-healing and self-mastery.    

As a practitioner, trainer and meditation ascension facilitator of Transference Healing® for the past eighteen years, Sally recognises a deep understanding of the divine human blueprint and the limitless potential to integrate, anchor and weave what is needed for true healing, transformation and receptivity into higher states of consciousness. 

Sally can facilitate your healing journey, delegated by your higher self to bring forth healing frequencies needed to support a profound shift in body and consciousness. 

With a solid background in Naturopathy, Herbal & Nutritional medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bodywork and Reiki

Sally recognises the connections within our cellular and subtle bodies to the vast and evolving changes happening on our planet and cosmos at this time.  

I honor Alexis Cartwright as the original channel and anchor of Transference Healing® 

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