Paul Williamson

\Paul is an experienced international Therapist and Published author. He specializes in Past Life Regression, which he has been practicing for over 31 years, but he is also trained in Hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives Therapy (Newton Institute), and is an experienced teacher and workshop leader. Paul has written 8 books, with more on the way. These include ‘A Seeker’s Guide to Past Lives’, and ‘Earth Warrior’. Paul is mainly based in Australia, but he has worked extensively in the UK, and also in New Zealand, Cyprus, France, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Germany. Through his work, Paul aims to help people to an awareness of who they are as souls, to clear patterns and residues from the past, and to gain a stronger and clearer sense of their inner potential.  

The Healing Power of Past Life Regression

Past Life regression is a process where we allow our inner consciousness to reveal to us memories of other lifetimes we have lived. When we experience regression, it can be as if we are living that memory now. It can be like a dream consciousness.
During a regression session, we can become aware of our past life identity, various stages of that lifetime, and even our ascent to the Spiritual world after we die. This can be an illuminating process, enabling us to connect with our soul consciousness,
and discover the source of patterns running through our life today, and where these have their source in the past. In this presentation, Paul will describe the process in detail and outline the potential for healing that can arise through this therapy for our
Mind, Body and Spirit. Paul Williamson has been practicing as professional Past Life Therapist for 32 years. Although most of his adult life has been spent in the UK, Paul is now residing in Australia. His other skills include being a Life Between Lives Therapist (Newton Institute), Inner Child Healer, Workshop leader, and Published Author. Paul’s latest book, ‘The Division’ (Animal Dreaming), has just been published. Signed copies will be available at the festival. Paul works with Dee Gutierrez in their Healing Practice called ‘Soul Pathways’.

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