Adam Mac (Read More)

Adam Mac (Read More)

Adam Mac from Heart Matrix Healing is a trained healer who has explored many different modalities over the years. One of Australia’s top coaches with Empowerment Events, Adam has worked with thousands of people, his passion is to help others and he has the ability and knows how to do just that.

Heart Matrix Healing uses super-powerful frequencies that enable huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being as well as being able to accelerate business performance, create harmonious relationships and assist in physical healing. If you want rapid, long-lasting transformation then Heart Matrix Healing is the key.

People may go to get an energy healing
… then they will find out about their past lives
… and maybe go to see a psychic.
… then get a coach for their lifestyle, relationships and business.

Why spend your time and money on a range of different treatments when you can get it all in the one place!

  • Healing
  • Past Lives
  • Entity Removal
  • Remove Energy Blocks
  • Coaching

The Heart Matrix taps into the most powerful healing on Earth, the same energy that was used by our ancestors. It connects you with the universe, which literally does the healing for you.

Just like a computer the Heart Matrix can download the apps you want and uninstall the apps you don’t, it goes straight to the source of the matter and heals that, easily upgrading what you choose to embrace.

Counseling and therapy is costly, time-consuming and in a lot of cases does not treat the cause of the problem, just the symptom and therefore the fix is only temporary. Sometimes the problem is not from this lifetime, making it near impossible to heal.

Use the Heart Matrix to discover past lives and heal trapped trauma that is affecting you through multiple timelines. Remove blocks, patterns, negative limiting beliefs, addictions, any behaviours that hold you back.

Download whatever you choose …

Want more confidence? Done!
Want to feel love? Done!
How about feeling clarity & calm? Done!
Integrate fragmented parts of yourself? Done!
Heal past trauma? Done!

Or Maybe you want to delete your Low Self Worth & upgrade with Self Love or Higher Value? …………DONE!

All of this combined with the #HealGrowCreate System of Coaching, Workshops and Events – you literally can’t get this anywhere else!


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October 24, 2019