Petra Mountfort

Petra Mountfort, also known as Prema, is a versatile and passionate individual, weaving a tapestry of healing arts as a Multi Instrumentalist Musician, Cacao Ceremonialist & Group Facilitator, Certified Sound Therapist, and Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher.

A musician at heart, Petra’s transformative journey began over a decade ago when she delved into Yogic studies, unlocking the profound connection between sound and vibrational medicine. This revelation sparked a deep resonance within her, redirecting her life’s path towards the powerful synergy of music and healing.

While Petra has immersed herself in diverse healing practices, her true calling lies in the harmonious blend of music and ceremonial work. She considers sharing the heart-opening medicine of Cacao through ceremonial experiences to be a genuine blessing, bringing immense joy and purpose to her life.

Currently calling the Gold Coast home, Petra seamlessly integrates her extensive knowledge and skills to facilitate cacao ceremonies and heart-opening events. These offerings are a reflection of her transformative journey, incorporating modalities that have played a pivotal role in her own healing.

With an unwavering commitment to spreading love and joy, Petra crafts carefully designed music to open hearts and foster human connection. Her intention is clear: to create an atmosphere where the profound impact of cacao, sound, music, and intention converges to catalyze healing and deepen the bonds between individuals.

In each note played and ceremony conducted, Petra Mountfort, aka Prema, continues to channel her passion for music and healing into a purposeful journey, inspiring others to explore the transformative power of sound, cacao, and intentional connection.

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