Rhonda Kelly


Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly. 
Rhonda is an International Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Empath, Medical Intuitive and Dream Interpreter. She receives message through sight, sound, smell, feel and taste. Rhonda can read your photos, jewellery or coffee cup!
Rhonda is a regular on Psychic TV Australia (pin 9897) and her weekly lives on Facebook and YouTube (Rhonda’s Readings). Rhonda has been on SWR99.9fm and has attended psychic fairs around Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. She is the founder of Ocean Wings psychic events. She also writes for ASA’s The Spiritual Voice and The Body Mind Soul magazine overseas. 
Rhonda aims to empower you to take control. She encourages you to be more aware of energies and to help connect with your spirit guides and higher self. Trusting your intuition is the first step!
Rhonda enjoys teaches psychic development and mediumship. Join her for her workshops at the Starlight Festival and discover your own psychic abilities!
Contact Rhonda to pre-book your reading with her at the Starlight Festival. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Let Rhonda help you be the best version of you!
To have a reading with Rhonda:
Phone or text: 0435 200 390
Look for rainbow angel wings of Rhonda’s Readings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Purple Ocean. 
Instagram @psychicrhondakelly. 

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