Rashmi Singh (NZ)

Rashmi is a Life Coach aka Self Love Coach, Mindfulness Mentor, and Yoga Teacher. Originally from India, she calls New Zealand her second home. It took her years to find the help she needed to break the cycle of self sabotage, unkind words to herself and self judgementment. Lacking self-worth & self-confidence, and having no boundaries, caused her to always look outward for appreciation, ultimately leading to burnout. The relationship she had with herself led her to seek change and healing. And so for the first time, she prioritized and invested in herself and dove head first into her own self love journey. Mindfulness & breathwork has been a game changer in her life. She founded “The Mind Solace” to help more and more people discover their own unique power and value within. She helps worthy humans create a beautiful, fulfilling, worthy relationship with themselves using Mindfulness and mindset coaching.

Find me here – Website: www.themindsolace.com Instagram: @themindsolace

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