Margot Cairnes

Margot is an author (six books on leadership and change), a business leader and change agent, working with world leaders and addressing global conferences such as the World Economic Forum with the likes of Hilary Clinton and the Queen Rania of Jordon. She’s a successful investor and a pioneer in her field of leadership coaching and large scale organisational transformation. Margot’s work spans over thirty years, working with organisations from startups to ASX listed companies across the globe.

Notably, Margot works tirelessly with the community, mentoring business leaders and participating in groups such as Sourdough Business Women, Resilient Byron and the Impact Investor Club. This meaningful work gives Margot the opportunity to joyfully share her experience and advice in order to empower, encourage and inspire others.

Margot is also a friend, wife, mother and grandmother. All of these incredible elements come together to influence Margot’s contagious positive energy and ability to impact everyone she meets.

In this workshop Margot will share with you how you can have it all (whatever that means to you!)

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