Alice Miyagawa (Read More)

Alice Miyagawa (Read More)

Alice Miyagawa is a teacher of harmonium, chanting, mantra meditation, and vocal techniques for singing and meditation. She is also a sound healer who uses crystal singing bowls, vocals, and other beautiful instruments to give sound vibrational medicine for private retreats and sessions. Alice facilitates fortnightly kirtan in Byron and beyond, offers regular Harmonium Workshops and Courses, organises various events, and runs private cultural tours to Japan.

Visiting India and Nepal as a child, travelling throughout South-East Asia for 6 years in her twenties, then living in Japan for 12 years, Alice has always loved being present in the Hindu and Buddhist temple chants, bells ringing, sacred syllables resounding, so much peace pervading all. Immersed in sacred sounds, her heart is home.

As a facilitator, Alice shares and practices Sacred Chanting that emanates from traditions all over the world. Chanting, singing, dancing, twirling, crying, laughing, meditating, hugging, and “be-ing” in the bliss of kirtan and sacred sound. All this is a core part of Alice’s life.

For those joining Alice’s chanting sessions, they find the mantra medicine of kirtan to be an easy-to-join-with group singing. For beginner as well as experienced singers and chanters. It touches our hearts.

“I have witnessed so much healing and empowerment through sound medicine, and known it within myself too. For me this path is the answer to a prayer I once used to wish all the time: “Beings of light, please show me the modality that I can practice that will help me self-heal, as well as hone to share with others for their healing journeys too.”

In October 2010, the answer came clearly to me in southern Japan after a great typhoon had struck, an answer which reached me via the wisdom and support of The Thirteen Grandmothers. I must use my voice, to chant and sing songs of the ancients, to channel from the angelic realms and from spirit, and to create new sounds and songs for healing in these times. Since then I have only looked back in gratitude. I move in the present with purpose. I look to the future with hope.”

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November 1, 2019