Aimo Javier

A certified Senior Instructor, Aimo’s journey with taichi began in the UK at the turn of the millenium. Originally he learned Wu style to heal old injuries and know more about how the body and energy works. Since then he studied tai chi as a martial art in Malaysia through a traditional system of discipleship and is now also practising South East Asian combative arts. In the more recent years the focus of his practice has shifted to the meditative aspects of internal martial arts and how they help you become a more realised and conscious being. His teaching methods use both traditional and modern approaches to help increase somatic awareness, martial skill and energy development. You can expect a balanced mix of learning through practice and in-depth detail. Most importantly, Aimo likes to share how the methods found in internal martial arts can be translated to your daily life on a physical, energetic and philosophical level – leading to a fuller way of living and being. 


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