Penelope Lowther

Source Energy Healing and Wisdom

I have been a Soul Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Artist for thirty years.

I love helping people transform and heal their lives Spiritually, Physically and Creatively.

As we move through these challenging and exciting times of rapid expansion we are being given wonderful opportunities for Spiritual growth and to release any energy blocks and Karma holding us back from our true potential.

In alignment with these shifts I have found myself embracing the Energy Healing techniques of SOURCE ENERGY HEALING and SOURCE ENERGY WISDOM CHANNELING to assist people to clear blocks, heal old wounds, release Karma and raise their energy vibration to align with their higher purpose.

I work closely with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Sacred Mysteries to help people of all ages connect with their wisdom, compassion, healing and profound teachings.

Source Energy Healing and Wisdom Cards are a deeply profound method of healing that channels True Divine Love, dissolving all that no longer serves your Soul.

Australian/NZ Master Teacher Source Energy Healing 2016 UK

Accredited Teacher – Diana Cooper Foundation – School of Angelic & Esoteric Teachings 2008-16 UK

Reiki Evolution Master 2009 UK

Masters – Psychodrama & Art Therapy 1997 Australia

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