Mayu Akiba

Mayu is 100 % pure Japanese who born in Wakayama where Japanese Buddhism started in Japan 1200 years ago. Her life is always with Japanese buddhism chanting as her best friend is a daughter of local temple monk from  KOYASAN (First settled in 819 by the monk Kūkai.)Her regular meditation is daily chanting, practicing meditation yoga combined with Buddhism chanting for 20 years. Started teaching YOGA in Club med Bali in 2006 as full-time instructor, Established Healing Yoga Santi in Japan 2009.
Mayu is also a Japanese musician, taiko drummer as well as event organizer running Japan Festival Byron Bay annually, providing collaborative sessions with Bamboo flute, Singing rin, Shamisen Japanese Banjo, Taiko and Buddhism chanting in Byron Shire & Gold Coast.

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