Marie Müller

Compassionately inspires countless students and clients to transform their lives with her gentle and insightful approach to self awareness and ultimately towards embodying love.

Weaving her qualifications in psychosomatic therapy, metaphysics, postural integration, emotional release bodywork & NLP, Marie brings greater clarity and illuminating insights to each body’s story. 

“I like to say your body is by divine design, it’s sacred geometry” – your soul knows it’s purpose, the body is its vehicle and you are your soul’s only expression here and now. 

Teaching from lived experience in overcoming generational trauma, complex trauma & two family suicides, Marie understands the integral relationship of mind, body and spirit. 

How much do you love your body? 

Come, explore your abode with consciousness and kindness, and remedy where you may be loosing energy through habits you can easily change. 

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