James Travers-Murison

Ascension Yoga is interfaith incorporating the best of Patanjali’s yoga, tantra, all religions including Christianity and Islam with the quantum physics of Emergence Theory. A very secluded ashram forest retreat to fully experience this ecstatic path of liberation is near Coffs Harbour at the vegan Nymboida Yoga Retreat – see www.yogaretreat.net.au for more. James Traves-Murison or Dhyan Abhay (sannyasin name) has spent years in India, ashrams and Buddhist monasteries living the way of Yoga. He trained at Rishikul Yoga Shala in Rishikesh to become a yoga teacher. He was formerly a tax lawyer working for top international corporations such as Ernst and Young and KPMG before he found a far greater path to life.


Yoga Health Retreat Bootcamp 14-21 January 2022 at Nymboida to experience UOCA Ascension Yoga further. See https://www.yogaretreat.net.au/events/ascension-yoga-bootcamp-8-days-2.

Nymboida Ashram – Near Coffs Harbour 

Fri, 14th Jan – Yoga Bootcamp 8 days

Experience true Indian ashram life of Patanjali. Get fit and lift the spirit. Help out together. Feel love and nature deep in the Nymboida forest. You need to be prepared for hard yoga workouts and trail runs. Early start. You won’t have time to think. Yama-Niyama vows taken first day.

Fri, 28th Jan – Ascension Patanjali Yoga Retreat 8 days

One week to delve deep into yogic lifestyle of Patanjali –  get up early, do yoga, help out on the ashram, learn yoga philosophy and finish with meditation. Get fit and healthy with  vegan feasts and juices. Chant and sing. Lift your spirit with communal love.


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