Donna Benke

This year the Conscious Shifts stand has been redesigned.With gentle massage and body toning I will intuitively be guided, feeling to heal you from trauma, moving stagnant energy whilst aligning your physical body liberating you from aches, pains and trauma.I am guided by source to the seed of your ails where we will shift all that no longer serves you majestically saving you the years of dialogue..When hands on working with the physical body and speaking in light languages I’m bringing through coding and new information that upgrades for all physical systems.. All has been fashioned at Conscious Shifts so’s that after session one leaves shifted, heartFULLy lifted and anew.My name is Donna, I work in oneness as a channel.As well as rematrix body work I will be facilitating intro one on one sessions where we will be face to face.In these sessions I will be working with your guides and whomever else comes through in channeling which I deliver speaking frequency, moving things vibrational, bringing through activations.. Shifting and shaking everything where awakening.. I have no words for these sessions.. There a passion of mine, im always amazed with what comes through, we all vary so do the sessions.Come feel for yourself if a session is for you.I will have a few remedies at hand full of treachings and earth magics as well as cosmic tinctures that take you galactic..I can’t wait to share these amazing tools with you..Come and say hello.It will be so lovely to meet you all..I will be delivering a channeled rematrix breathwork session at some stage in the game.. Combing the rebirthing breathwork technique and light languages designed to shift you on golden pathways to EVERYWHERE!!

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