Donna Benke

The Conscious Shifts stand has been designed to heal your hearts with love in truth. All has been fashioned at Conscious Shifts so’s that after sessions and/ or with tinctures custom made for you at the stand one leaves shifted and heartFULLy lifted.

My name is Donna, I work in oneness as a channel.

I will be facilitating intro one on one sessions where we will be face to face, and in these sessions I will be working with your guides and whomever else comes through in channeling which I deliver speaking frequency, as we all vary so do the sessions.

Everything I bring with me is a tool I have personally learnt and used to heal myself from trauma and injury.

No words can describe The Crystal Light bed. 

Come feel for yourself if a session is for you.

Our ancestors will be at the Conscious Shifts stand sharing healings and magic through The Australian Bush Flower essences. The devic kingdoms will be there with The Liquid Crystal and Star Child Directives in remedies I will custom make for you on feeling what will serve you best in the now. I will also be concocting the liquid tree remedies to help and guide you to the magic of your heart and the magic of there TREEchings..

These flower, crystal and tree remedies are the only pharmacy one needs.

I can’t wait to share these amazing tools with you..

Come and say hello. 

It will be so lovely to meet you all.

There is talk I will be doing on Conscious Shifts. In the sacred space on Saturday at 2:45 I will be guiding us through a group energy activation.

Please come if you feel guided X

Meet more of the tribe.

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