Jain 108

Jain was born in Sydney to Lebanese/Phoenician parents; he has enjoyed a lifetime involvement with the Fibonacci Sequence and the 5 Platonic Solids which taps into the highly visual hemisphere of the Right Brain. His work with Rapid Mental Calculation, sometimes known as “Vedic Mathematics” a 2,500 year old Indian system of Mental Arithmetic empowers students to perform mental calculations, in many cases… quicker than a calculator.

Jain loves to present his huge body of work and inspires people through his workshops and presentations…. he also continues his research into Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, and their relationship with various atomic structures. His current research is on the True Value of Pi which is 3.144… infinite and based on the “square root of Phi”. This is a highly controversial subject and his gift to humanity…

For almost 35 years, Jain has been devoted to the collection and theatrical education of Magic Squares, Magic Cubes and the Golden Ratio (PHI). In 1995 Jain taught Magic Square Art-forms to a conference of 100 math teachers at the Southern Cross University in Australia. He has been guest speaker at school Mathematics Camps, many Public Schools, Catholic Schools, Rudolf Steiner and Montessori Schools who have employed him to rekindle the beauty of mathematics. People all over the world have expressed interest to study with him.

With Jain you will explore ancient hidden mysteries and discover how our human body is in resonance with the Living Mathematics of Nature. You will find out about secret codes concealed in the Gayatri Mantra, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment. Jain is known in the mathematical world as the re-discoverer of the infinitely repeating 24 Pattern in the Fibonacci Sequence that sums to 108. He has pioneered and popularized the current western fascination with sri 108 and wisdom of its meaning. He will help you discover Sacred Geometry; Math’s as Art, Math’s as Science and Math’s as History. Sacred Geometry is relevant to many disciplines such as Architecture, Engineering, Art, Design, Science Healing, Nutrition, and of course, Mathematics.


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November 22, 2019

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