Ann-Marie is a health and wellness enthusiast, especially passionate about women’s health and overall wellbeing.
She is a health professional, has studied sports nutrition, Yoga & Ayurveda advocate, and lives a life in balance with nature.
Empowering women to get back into their sensuality, spiritual power, and contact with the body through touch, exploration, and breathing. 
Not only does she have a big heart for women, but she’s also on a mission to help people get happier and healthier through every aspect of the holistic being that we are. Considering the root causes, providing tools and resources to improve the whole body, mind, and soul. 
She is also called a soul whisper, as her voice is so welcoming and soothing when she guides you through a relaxing and calming Yoga Nidra session.  
In Murwillumbah, she is known for her open-hearted women’s circles to hold space for anyone that might need a helping hand, some guidance, or simply just a supportive and uplifting community. 
Her passion for love, support, healthy living, and community is a result of her life experience. 
After a lot of self-healing, traveling, and coaching, she has now gained the power to heal and empower others by guiding them to find what works for them as individuals, at the same time as she still has a big focus on becoming a better version of herself as well.




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