Tom Robb

Tom Robb is a ‘real talk’ speaker, unorthodox yoga instructor, mentor and adventure therapist. Tom’s powerful presentations and workshops are recognised nationwide within schools, higher education and companies alike, inspiring his audience to dive deep, face fears and unlock their true, ultimate potential.

Public speaking, yoga and outdoor therapy are Tom’s true loves, and, It is through his burning devotion to help others find their purpose and passion that he has been able to reach over 10,000 people with irrevocably positive results.

Tom’s story begins with an early love for adventure and a passion for teaching. Originally from the Victorian coast, Tom has spent the past 15 years working in the field of self-development and guided discovery. What started out as a Diploma and Degree in outdoor education has now turned into something so much greater.With the desire to be a forever student, Tom began studying material based on psychology, mental health, and mind mastery, while simultaneously completing his Yoga and meditation teacher training.Tom now spends his time running speaking presentations and workshops to all kinds of folks in a variety of environments. From schools to conferences and yoga retreats, festivals and outdoor recreation spaces accompanied by Lucinda, his 74’ Kombi. His mission is to deliver his presentations to every school, festival, and conference across Australia.

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