Tereasa Spencer

Tereasa, is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.  For 25 + years she has practiced and taught Classical Yoga  in the tradition T. Krishnamacharya.  Throughout her journey she also qualified as a Yoga Therapist and Vedic Chanting Teacher within the same tradition.  From years of personal practice Tereasa found the most powerful yogic tool for her was mantra, as it helped to release and support her journey of past and difficult life events as they came along.  It also provided a powerful shift which was the release of her inner voice, one which she had denied since a child. It is from this journey,  ‘Mantra on the Mat’ was born. A teaching which embraces the ancient practice of partnering Mantra with all the other yogic tools.  As mantra is sound, and sound is vibration, this practice can support a vibrational shift from the deepest level of our being, as Tereasa writes: “It is my freeway to a place seated within me…one of great inner peace and reflection…and one which naturally supports deep transformation” 



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November 12, 2018

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