Peter Bowden (Womblé Mahtu)

Peter Bowden is an Indigenous Medicine Man who has walked this earth with his teachings for 30 years. Through an early interest in Native American culture and learning of his own heritage, Peter has been guided by the spirits to learn and
now pass on this important education.
Through understanding and utilising the medicine that Mother Earth shares, Peter has honed these teachings and shares these modalities around the world. Through the making of the Medicine Drum and the rituals of the Shamanic Arts,
Peter shares these wisdoms and lineages with the intent on connectedness, community and spirituality.
Peter was pulled to follow the spirits to learn and receive the teachings of the Canadian elders and has learnt from other indigenous Shamanic tribes all through the Americas. His own education and experience is one of shared knowledge and
duty to the Earth and Her beings.
Peter walks with a profound connection to all Beings. He journeys a shamanic/medicine path and travels nationally and internationally sharing his way of Shamanic Earth Medicine through Ceremony, Retreats, Way of the Medicine
Drum, Shamanic Circles and much more. Through these experiences people have been empowered to walk their own medicine way within the Sacred Hoop of Life, surrendering and letting go into deeper states of healing consciousness for
themselves and all Beings.

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