Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden has been sharing Shamanic Earth Medicine for more than 25 years, teachings taught to him by Indigenous Elders in both the Americas and Australia. He first received teachings from Canadian Elders in 1987. He has met and worked with many teachers on his journey, including: Grey Wolf, an Inuit Elder: Lakota Elders: Uncle Joe Silver Wolf, a Cree Elder: Elder Varuna Dagan and Apache Elder, Grandmother Shanadi. Peter recently discovered his Aboriginal heritage through his great grandmother in his mother’s family bloodline.

Peter journeys a Shamanic Pathway and travels nationally and internationally sharing Shamanic Earth Medicine by facilitating Ceremony, Shamanic Circles, Sacred Masculine Lodges and the Way of the Drum. He walks with a profound connection to all beings. Through these teachings, people have been empowered to walk the Medicine Way, surrendering and letting go into
deeper states of healing consciousness for themselves and all beings.

Peter has featured at major events and conferences, including the Health, Harmony and Soul Festival, White Light Expos, the Ethnogenesis Conference, the Dreaming Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Eclipse Festival and many more. For information on Peter’s offerings, including Shamanic Teachings, Sacred Medicine Drum Journeys and individual Coaching, Mentoring and Healing sessions, visit:

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