Marnie Devi Hudson

Marnie has passionately explored many dance styles, yoga, meditation, personal transformation tools + spiritual seekings.
It was through the transformative, healing power + the liberating nature of ecstatic dance with the conscious dance movement, many 5 rhythms sessions + training workshops that she discovered an authentic, heart-centred awakening. In 2014, Marnie completed her teacher training with Malaika Darville to facilitate 5 Elements Dance.
It is my heart’s calling + prayer that the practice of MEDICINE DANCE becomes a blessing of powerful conscious medicine for the individual, the community + our Mother Earth, as a way to create a loving ripple effect in this often chaotic world that needs grounding, unwinding + healing so deeply. Marnie lives in the Byron Shire, she is a mother, lover, giver, teacher, student of life, philosopher, spiritual seeker, yogi, dancer, artist, adventurer, nature lover.


5 Elements Medicine Dance a moving meditation, an ecstatic / free-style dance journey through the elements.. the elements of nature; ether, air, earth, fire, water, the elements in ourselves, the elements of life… and our interconnection with it ALL!
A beautiful, sacred space is created to invite the safety + freedom necessary to dive deeply + whole heartedly with our breath, body + beat to explore our thoughts, feelings, energy + spirit on the dance floor.
The dance is our medicine!
The music is our magic!
The rewards are plenty… presence, release, liberation, awakening, transformation, healing, connection, peace…
It is my absolute pleasure to hold this space for you to truly come home to yourself, a more released, relaxed, heart-centred true self.

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