Manda the Luna High Priestess and as an experienced Psychic, Medium, Master sound & energy Healer & Master Intuitive Hypno/Psychotherapist; assisting others on their journey to discover their soul’s path, one of authenticity. Uncovering your shadow side, giving you clarity and insight on what has been holding you back, a powerful release and shift into a state of empowerment and divine alignment.
Discovering our shadow side:⭐️  Aligns us with our souls path and assists with insight on what is holding us back from empowerment, self mastery, abundance, worthiness and authenticity.⭐️ Clarity on where we get stuck and utilises our strengths and experiences to overcome and balance these aspects of ourselves to move forward in life.⭐️ Look forward to see what opportunities your future holds from being in a state of higher vibration⭐️ Embrace and understand all aspects of yourself and what can be triggered again and how to easily shift it.
Manda the Luna High Priestess can assist you to uncover your shadow side and illuminate your brightness, through Unveiling Psychic/medium Readings, Sound & Energy Healings or Divine Luna Dance sessions.
Just as the moon cycles into darkness and her fullness…… she is not afraid to dive to your depths with you and uncover what’s been holding you back for so long. She will fly high with you to self discovery and mastery so you can soar into your spotlight!
Knowing she will hold space for you to discover, process and heal in a safe and professional manner. Now is your time to break free of the past, stop being stuck and discover your brilliance from the depths of your shadows to the highlights of your brightness.


Posted on

October 11, 2020

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