Lauren Siafas


My journey begun in the foothills of Bali.  At the time I was going through some big shifts in life, love, heartbreak, abandonment from my family, I was inquisitive about why we suffer in the minds mazes. Is the minds suffering an illusion? How can I remain more present and not be my thoughts, feelings and relationships. I found my path through deep sound healing sessions with Suntara at the Pyramids of Chi and I was hooked. Through becoming aware of my dissatisfactions and boredom, I was becoming more aware of the path I must take and share with others through Sound Healing to give each soul joy and a moment of ‘Presence’ 

My teaching style incorporates a combination of Meditation – Deep Sound Healing  – Yin / Restorative  Yoga-  Breath Work – Gifting the art to peace and tranquillity and complete surrender.

Yoga & Sound Healing can stretch you in ways you don’t expect emotionally, not just physically. When we are in our emotional state on our Matt’s it opens up your mind to the possibility there is a whole world within you waiting to be ‘Discovered’

I believe Yoga and Sound Healing can take you on your own personal journey, Its A Journey For Every Individual’ – It can take you deep into a place that’s complete bliss, sometimes challenging but relaxing.  Often with Sound Journeys it will have an after affect that can open the doors to new ways of thinking, feeling and most of all gratitude for the simplest of things. Yoga and Sound Healing I believe is the most powerful potion that grounds us and keeps us in the moment of ‘Now’ and complete recognition of who ‘I’ Is. I Can wait to take you on this amazing Journey. 

Namaste Lauren – Boho Yoga Journeys

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