Dianne Horton

Dianne had an instant awakening into the unknown yet known, she has found it to be a most ordinary, yet profound experience. It is possible for all of us to have this and come home to who we really are.

In this workshop Dianne will give you a glimpse of that, offering  you tools to move forward in your life with peace and joy, discarding all of the old and becoming renewed in spirit. She knows that you can live in the utmost joy and happiness, clear of issues, upset, drama and difficulties. 

Dianne is here to express to you that you can respond to life lightly, not personally, with peace, yet take care of what needs to be taken care of. When you are clear in all aspects of who you are and who you think you are, when you have completely died to yourself in every way, then it is what is happening in this moment and you’re there but it’s not happening to you. It is expressed as being free and it can be that but it also is the unexplainable, 

Dianne lives in a deep place, skipping yet floating through life, issues and life still happen but it isn’t happening to anyone .Each day occurs and it ‘seems’ like things are happening and moving yet there is no happening, no moving.

As a spiritual mentor Dianne offers:
Free 30 minute Introductory session
1 hour and 30 minute support sessions

Website: www.diannehorton.com.au
Instagram: @ordinary_awakenings

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