Dee Gutierrez

Dee has been a student of Western Astrology since the age of 16, and has specialised in Evolutionary Astrology, from the school of Jeffrey Wolfe Green. Blessed with her ability to channel 3 out of her 6 spiritual guides, her reading of your birth chart is quite the experience! All centered around your Soul and Soul’s purpose, the chart readings offer deep insights on who you are, why you are the way you are, and offers a deep discussion on the next steps for your personal and spiritual development.  
“Finding Joy” – An Evolutionary Astrology Workshop
One of the first things we encounter in the world of Astrology is the Zodiac, that is Horoscopes and our Sun Sign. And in doing so, we get a very interesting snapshot into our personality, and who we are. However, and as with most things, there is a much deeper layer that we can go into when we look at this very powerful symbol! The Sun represents our joy, it represents our life force and the dynamic way in which we integrate everything into our life. Creative self expression and a deep sense of self, is all symbolised by the Sun sign, and all energy made available to it at the time of your birth.
In this workshop, we will be discussing the many ways it can be expressed, both the shadow and the light side, and if you are willing to be a participant in a live reading, please email your birth details (location/date/time) to dee@soulcompass.com.au where we can use your chart as a live example! All are welcome.
Dee Gutierrez is an Evolutionary Astrologer, who is also a spiritual channel and workshop facilitator. She has been travelling around the UK and Australia, and most recently running international workshops about personal development and the power of Astrology.

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