Anna Yoga Nidrā Sunshine Coast 

At a later stage in my life I ‘found’ yoga in a little community hall in New Farm, Brisbane. I was looking for a way to deal with menopausal hot flushes and underling Post Traumatic Stress.  Some time later I relocated to the Sunshine Coast where I  discovered the healing combination of both the ocean and yoga but it was during my Yoga Teacher Training where  I felt and experienced the healing powers and potential of Yoga Nidrā and I wanted to learn more.

Since then I have trained as a Yoga Nidra Facilitator both in Australia and overseas, including studies of the Science behind the Art of Yoga Nidra in Advanced Training (for both Children & Adults) at the Amrit Yoga Institute under the guidance of Dr Kamini Desai, PhD and John Vosler.

In 2018 I attended The First International Yoga Nidra Conference which was held at the Kripalu Yoga & Health Centre, MA, USA. Presenters included Richard Miller (iRest), Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Yoga Nidra Network) and my teacher, Dr Kamini Desai (Amrit Yoga Institute) et al who presented current research findings into Yoga Nidra and the Health Benefits.

I offer Yoga Nidra sessions on the Sunshine Coast which transition silently to watercolour painting  ‘Meditation Creations YogArt. 

I feel privileged to share yoga Nidrā whenever there is a calling in small group groups, festivals, with friends and family and for my own self care and health. 

Yoga Nidrā Sunshine Coast 

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