Nat Quirk

“ When Nat was diagnosed with late stage cancer Nat knew her whole world had changed. Nat had spent a lifetime in a career she knew was making her ill & ignoring the parts of her that needed the deepest healing & love. When the treatment worked for the cancer, Nat knew she had literally been given a second chance. Now to make that meaningful. The search began covering most of Europe, North Africa, the UK, Asia and India. Like Eat, Pray, Love with a toddler & mid-life woman excited by the future & weary of the past. Continents & magical sunsets were wonderful, however the real meaning became obvious when Nat slowed down and looked within, at the deeper relationship with herself & truly what it means to live a life on your terms that you are in love with.

Nat is a mother to an amazing 9 yr old, the daughter of cane farmers from the Tweed Valley, a digital entrepreneur, obsessed with human behaviour and golden hour across the cane at sunset. “ 

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