Therese Farnham

Therese Farnham

Having worked for many years at one of the world’s leading health and wellness retreats Therese has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform old patterns and let go of limiting beliefs to radically improve the quality of their lives.Offering tailored programmes and using a multidisciplinary approach of counselling, coaching, energy healing and creative visualisation clients are guided on a profound personal journey. Simple yet powerful tools are used to connect into deeper aspects of Self and facilitate movement toward self-empowerment.

Some of the effects of Therese’s work include:
 releasing anxiety and depression
 finding balance
 experiencing more inner peace
 becoming grounded and connected to self
 the joy of reconnection
 feeling more energetic
 maintaining deeper connection with others
 enjoying clearer insight in following your path
Therese believes that how you feel becomes your motivating force for positive change.


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December 2, 2019