Steve & Eliza

Steve & Eliza

Steve Davies & Eliza Kendall

Blue Star is the spiritual expression of Steve Davies. For the last 23 years Steve has played didgeridoo and percussion with some of Australia’s most iconic musicians both in his home country and internationally. He now shares the power of sound healing along the east coast of Australia using didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, a crystal harp tuned to 432HZ and channelled vocals. He believes sound healing to be the medicine of the future because of its power to balance the frequencies of nature into every cell, restoring the wholeness of body and mind. 

Hypno Witch is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium and Quantum Hypnosis Technician with 16 years professional experience. She has offered hypnosis journeys at transformational festivals across Australia and overseas. She is a Starseed Key for the expansion of human consciousness and is dedicated to harmonising all life on earth.


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October 10, 2019