Kate Messenger (Read More)

Kate Messenger (Read More)

I am a writer, practitioner and teacher of Crystal Healing, Dreamwork & Energy Clearing.

I don’t like small talk. I can do it if I have to, but it makes me yawn.

What really gets me fired up is finding stuff out, getting to the bottom of – well, everything – and clearing out the crap to get to the good stuff.

For years I’ve experienced the mind-blowing benefits of working with dreams and crystals, and I’ve always had a fascination with homes and how they affect people’s lives and health (the effects are so much greater than I ever imagined!)

I dig people who want to take responsibility for their own lives, and I don’t have much patience for those who don’t. So if you want to work with me, you should know that I don’t do excuses (but I’m right into workshopping stuff in a useful way).

My life hasn’t been all roses – far from – but it continues to be a fascinating journey of discovery, and the tools I’ve gathered over many years and share with my clients now just make it so much easier to weather the rough times and get the good times rolling again.  (Click here for more info about Kate)

I’m all about movement and results. Stagnant energy doesn’t work for anyone, and the movement is where the magic happens!


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October 24, 2019