Jodie & Haley (Read More)

Jodie & Haley (Read More)

Ignite your Intuition

By Jodie Louise and Haley Madison

Learn your bodies language and reconnect with your authentic nature through intuitive movement to open the body and practices to access the wisdom you carry. We will guide you on how to eat intuitively including using your body as a pendulum and discovering your true yes and no! 

Our Story

We immediately bonded over our love for tropical fruit, health & dancing; it wasn’t by chance but it was fate that we crossed paths. We just knew! It was a deep inner knowing. Sharing so many of the same passions & dreams to change the world, It felt natural for us to come together to share our gifts. We are excited to be sharing this wisdom at the Starlight Festival in this workshop. We also have a 7 day retreat together in Bali in April 2020, where you can go deeper in connecting with your body to able up your intuitive channels. Find out more about it here:

Jodie Louise

I spent most of my life on a journey of self-discovery to explore nutrition, alternative diets, & various self-development techniques. I worked with hundreds of health practitioners, & completed many transformational professional training programs, including yoga, breathwork, astrology, tantra, nutrition, & many others. It was through all of these practices that I realized that no matter how much I was taught,  the key to health and happiness was to strengthen my intuition & learn to listen to my body. Now I am on a mission to inspire & empower people all around the world. My aim is to support people to get in touch with their body, mind & spirit, to let go of all that doesn’t serve them. It is my passion to guide beautiful souls to reconnect with their true nature, wisdom & power.

Haley O’Neill

My love for fruit & health sparked my interest in nutrition. After studying at IIN, I now help women tune into the intuitive voice of their physical & emotional bodies. Yoga & energy work have always been foundational for me. I am known for my authentic, non-judgemental teaching style & compassion-centred philosophy. I avail myself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, such as completing my Yoga Teacher Training in India. The medicine I share through my teachings helps connect others to the natural rhythms of their body. I hold a beautiful space for growth of the physical & spiritual self.


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November 25, 2019