Daniel Raccani (Read More)

Daniel Raccani (Read More)

Daniel is a Shaman, Healer, Pyschopomp and International Shamanic Practitioner Trainer who received his first initiatory experience into the world of spirit at the age of 22 months when during a convulsion he clinically died. 

It was here his work as a pyschopomp began as he explored the afterlife realities on nightly soul flights and would watch the newly deceased either cross over into the light or stumble around lost and confused. It was these formative lessons from spirit that imparted insights into energy, souls, life, death and dying. 

Upon receiving a second spontaneous initiatory call from spirit, in the form of a life crisis through a near death experience in his late 20’s that left him paralyzed, Daniel was asked by spirit to walk the sacred path of a wounded healer, and this is where his training as a shaman begun. Upon agreeing, the spirit of his true self and spirit guides healed Daniel from paralysis and opened him up to dormant psychic and healing abilities.

This encounter would change the course and direction of Daniel’s life as he embarked on a pilgrimage to his ancestral homelands of India where he had many teachings from Sadhus, Sufi Mystics and Yogis before studying under Buddhist Lama Chamtrul Rinpoche at the Zilcon Kagyeling Nyingma Monastery in McCleodganji. 

Upon returning to Australia, Daniel studied at the International Institute for Sacred Theatre, Creativity Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychology and Antara Yoga and Meditation, before being guided and initiated into his formal training in earth bound spiritualism in the form of Shamanism. 

For the past 15 yeas Daniel has run his healing practice Golden Age Healings where Daniel works with clients from around the world in healing and facilitating his own trainings and workshops rooted in Himalayan Shamanism. Daniel is also faculty and an Administration staff member with The Shaman College, in the UK, where he has trained Shamanic practitioners from USA, Canada, UK, Norway, India, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand. 


When it comes to serving as a teacher for online Shamanic Studies, the instructor must be able to go much deeper with the student because of the absence of physical presence.

Dan has served as my instructor, mentor, and my friend throughout my journey to become certified as a Shamanic Practitioner. Despite the distance between us on the globe, his wisdom as a wise and gifted Shaman has blessed me with a strong foundation to stand upon during my personal training and experiences. The depth of his understanding and skill continues to astound me as I have advanced through Shamanic studies. His professionalism, intuition, and gifts as a healer are profound.

I believe there are people we are destined to meet in a lifetime that are aligned to assist us as teachers when we are ready. Dan has served in that role and I am immensely grateful for his professional wisdom and his support as I continue to awaken my latent love and commitment to Shamanism.

If there is an open door that leads to Dan serving as a teacher or a healer, it is truly a blessed gift. Walk through the door with confidence and gratitude. Dan will introduce you to wisdom and healing that is beyond your earthly dreams.”

Jody (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


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November 18, 2019